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    Who is eligible to play?

    Will there be a waiting list?

    What is the cost to play?

    Who will the coaches be?


    Is it too late to join for the 2019-2020 season if I have already registered with my local minor hockey association?

    Who is eligible to play?

    Girls age(s) 5-20 years are eligible to play. No prior experience is necessary. Competitive and recreational teams will be available. Girls will be registered according to the following Hockey Canada and BC Hockey Divisions:

    Initiation: 2013-2014
    Novice: 2011-2012
    Atom: 2009-2010
    Peewee: 2007-2008
    Bantam: 2005-2006
    Midget: 2002-2004
    Juvenile: 1999-2001

    Must my daughter play for CRFMHA?

    No, girls can play for CRFMHA or any of the neighboring integrated (co-ed) associations. Statistics indicate that >80% of girls transfer to a female MHA when it launches and approximately 85-90% of girls remain in the Female MHA long term. There is a place for every female player in this association and with more girls playing, we will have more teams and better local competition.

    Will there be a waiting list?

    We hope there is no waiting list, but like the local integrated minor hockey associations, there are sometimes wait lists. They are governed by the size of the association (number of players) relative to the amount of ice in the association's ice contract. Response has been quite good and there is a possibility of a wait list in the inaugural season. Don't end up on the wait list! Register now!

    What is the cost to play?

    The cost will be fairly similar to both local integrated (co-ed) minor hockey associations and probably slightly cheaper than female minor hockey associations on the mainland. We have developed a transparent itemized fee structure, therefore all players will get what they pay for, but also pay for what they get. The fees must be set at a cost-recovery level in the first season. 

    What is the Association Fundraising Raffle?

    CRFMHA is planning an Association-wide raffle to raise funds for the inaugural season. If successful, we may continue this in future seasons. This is a method to help cover expenses of the CRFMHA. Each registrant is required to sell $50 worth of tickets.

    Will my Jersey Deposit amount be processed?

    Yes. The CRFMHA jersey deposit is a refundable fee. It is paid once at the time of entry to the CRFMHA and will be refunded in full when your player leaves CRFMHA, provided there has been no significant damage to jerseys and they are returned.

    Who will the coaches be?

    All coaches and assistant coaches will be certified by Hockey Canada and BC Hockey. Traditionally, coaches at this level are parents of players on the team. We will pursue coach mentors and hockey development professionals to help make the coaching the best it can be and provide the best support for everything from developing basic technical skills to advanced team tactics.

    Where will competitive teams play?

    We are developing a schedule that respects the dates of known competitive tournaments. In addition to those tournaments, teams would play any other female competitive teams on the Island as well as host competitive teams from the mainland or travel to the mainland to play those teams. Any gaps in the schedule could be filled by playing an appropriate skilled integrated co-ed team. We are actively engaged with representatives from PCAHA to improve upon the status quo.

    Where will competitive teams practice?

    Competitive teams will practice in Capital Regional District!! Most practices will be in the evening, although some practices will be in the morning. With two practices per week, we plan for one to always be 80 min and the other may be 50 or 80 minute in length, although we will target additional development opportunities as well, so that total overall practice time is similar to what is familiar to most Competitive players.

    Where will recreational teams play games?

    Recreational teams will participate in local league play. If more players join the Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association, we will have more community-based house league teams and there will be less travel overall. Administrative policy allows for house leagues to be formed when there are four teams. Therefore, there may be an opportunity to develop a local house league with all league games in Capital Regional District at some point in the future.

    Where will recreational teams practice?

    It is our intention to keep the recreational teams community-based. The advantage of a region-wide minor hockey association for girls is that the traditional MHA boundaries become very flexible. We call this “dynamic boundaries“. This allows us to make teams based on the best fit for the region. For instance, while a player from Sooke would tend to be scheduled to practice in their local area, if they wanted to attend additional practices at Panorama, this could be an option but would not be required. We plan to use this and other enhancements to provide numerous training opportunities per week for recreational players.

    What rinks will be used by CRFMHA?

    We intend to use all 13 ice surfaces in the Capital Regional District. This includes facilities operated by:
    Capital Regional District (Panorama and Seaparc);
    Saanich Parks and Recreation (Pearkes);
    University of Victoria (Ian Stewart Complex);
    District of Oak Bay (Oak Bay Recreation Centre);
    City of Victoria (Save on Foods Memorial Arena);
    Township of Esquimalt (Archie Browning Arena);
    CFB Naden (Wurtele Arena);
    Westshore Parks and Recreation (JDF Arena and Q Centre);
    City Center Park (Westhills Arena)

    Are there enough goalies?

    According to BC Hockey registration data and accounting for girls who are known to have switched to the goalie position during this season, there would be approximately 13 female goalies within the Capital Regional District between Atom and Juvenile next season. We plan to initiate goaltender training programs, such as First Shift for Goalies, and are planning to create a significant incentive for goalies with their own equipment. We are also considering creative ways to approach any goaltending shortages such as goalie specific development.

    Will there be morning practice(s)?

    Yes! Currently, both recreational female teams and integrated competitive teams practice in the morning, so it seems logical that CRFMHA teams will also practice in the morning. Morning sessions will be equitably distributed throughout all teams. The more teams we form, the fewer morning practices there will be for each team.

    Will there be Atom Development?

    Atom Development is being phased out by Hockey Canada. The current BC Hockey plan is to comply with the Hockey Canada long-term development model by the 2020-21 season. Therefore, we will begin to follow this model beginning in 2019-20 rather than begin with the current model and change after a single season. The Hockey Canada Atom Pathway (the NEW model) does have options for competitive and recreational players.

    Can my daughter still "Dual Roster"?

    VIAHA Regulation 5.08 allows female players on recreational teams to play for both an integrated (co-ed) team and an all-female team. Although this often only applies to teams within the same association, VIAHA did approve dual roster requests between MHAs in the 2018-19 season. However, we believe the CRFMHA model that encourages players to attend multiple practices per week and employs a liberal affiliate player (AP) program may eliminate any practical advantages of the dual roster option. The new directive from BC Hockey includes a guideline that girls commit to a female team as their first priority if they are approved to dual roster, but this is not an official policy.

    How does CRFMHA help North Island female teams?

    The recent BC Hockey Female Hockey Report promotes female associations as the primary initiative to improve the status of female hockey. Having a recently formed female association on the Island can serve as a resource and template for Mid-Island and North Island initiatives to create female minor hockey associations. Additionally, the female minor hockey association in the CRD will help increase the number of teams on the Island and therefore create more competition for Mid-Island and North Island teams. We should see an increase in the number of female hockey tournaments, which would also be a benefit to Mid-Island and North Island female teams. Lastly, when approved by VIAHA, CRFMHA will be a voice advocating for female hockey initiatives to the VIAHA Executive Committee.

    Is it too late to join for the 2019-2020 season if I have already registered with my local minor hockey association?

    No! It is not too late. Several local associations are already considering eliminating their female-only programming for the coming season following the creation of the CRFMHA. All female players from the Capital Region will be welcome to register. We hope that our neighboring associations would not charge players a penalty fee for opting to transfer to the CRFMHA after initial registration is completed. If your local MHA charges a fee to transfer to CRFMHA, we would commit to incorporating that loss into your subsequent season registration fee.