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  • crfmha announces esso fun days

    CRFMHA is pleased to announce a FREE 6-week program intended for girls who haven't played hockey previously. Esso Fun Days will run from May 20th to June 23rd at the following times and locations. Players must wear full equipment.



    Mon May 20 @ 5 - 6 pm (Westhills Arena)

    Mon May 27 @ 5 - 6 pm (Westhills Arena)

    Mon June 3 @ 5 - 6 pm (Westhills Arena)

    Mon June 10 @ 5 - 6 pm (Westhills Arena)

    Mon June 17 @ 5 - 6 pm (Westhills Arena)

    Sun June 23 @ 9:30 - 10:30 am (Pearkes Arena)


    Thank you to ESSO, Hockey Canada and BC Hockey for supporting CRFMHA to offer this great program.


    For more information, contact us.

    McDonald's Canada atoMc program is a supporter of crfmha

    CRFMHA would like to acknowledge McDonald's Canada for its support of our atom female program. atoMc is a McDonald’s Canada minor hockey sponsorship program of house league Atom programs nationwide by supplying jerseys and socks to all players. Thank you for our three sets, McDonald's, we can’t wait to see them on our girls!

    the saunders family foundation commits to supporting crfmha now and in the future

    The Saunders family has a decades long tradition of supporting female minor hockey in greater Victoria. The Saunders Family Foundation has now extended that commitment well into the future by pledging annual financial support to CRFMHA, for which we are extremely grateful. On behalf of girls around Capital Regional District, please accept our thanks and gratitude.

    Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association Approved to Begin Play in 2019-2020 Season

    BC Hockey’s Board of Directors has approved our membership application making Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association (MHA) both a new MHA in Greater Victoria and the first female MHA on Vancouver Island.

    Declining Registration in CRD

    BC Hockey registration data for the current season demonstrate a 34% decline in female registration over the past four seasons. This would be reversed by a female MHA.

    2019-2020 Projections

    Currently there are 3 Regional 'A' teams and 4 House 'C' teams based in Victoria. If CRFMHA is approved and all players migrate, the number of female teams would at least DOUBLE instantly!

    2019-2020 'A' Teams

    Based on category of play for the current season, there would be more than enough female Rep (carded) players to compete for spots on CRFMHA 'A' teams in Peewee, Bantam and Midget.

    BC Hockey Supports Creation of Female Minor hockey associations

    See our 'Documents' page for full report

    Greater Victoria has a population of 357,967 and with 330 girls already playing hockey, we compare favourably with the other Female MHAs in British Columbia.

    In 2016-2017, there were 330 girls playing hockey in greater Victoria, but they were divided between six Minor Hockey Associations.

    Within the existing small MHA boundaries, it is not always possible to form a girls team. When this happens, some girls switch to playing for a boys (integrated) team at their local MHA, some transfer to play on a nearby girls team, while some will be moved up or down to play with older or younger players. The bottom line is that with girls subdivided into six MHAs, it is difficult to provide them with a consistent experience.

    More than Enough Girls!!

    Compared to the mainland regions that support Female MHA's, Victoria has a significant population of 20,435 girls between Initiation/Novice and Midget age (5-17 years) and a greater pool than 6 of the 8 established Female MHAs. There is a competitive ratio, with 1 in 62 girls playing hockey already. Only the North Shore has more girls playing now.

    Will girls transfer to a new Female MHA?

    The most recent example is Abbotsford Ice, which started in 2007-08. Based on administrative date, 84% of girls transferred to the new Association in the inaugural season and the total number of girls playing grew in the first year.


    Annual registration data from BC Hockey for the last 11 years show that all eight Female MHAs in the lower mainland are stable over time.


    A Female MHA in Victoria will not fail.

    Return on Investment

    Some years are better than others, but in the long term, all Female MHAs show a positive average annual growth rate, proving the viability and sustainability of the Female MHA model.

    Over the last 10 years in regions with a Female MHA, the percentage of girls continuing to play "integrated" hockey has dropped in each Division. In Peewee it has dropped from 28% to 14% of all girls. In Bantam, it has dropped from 31 to 8%. In Midget, it has dropped from 20 to 10%.